Producers support activities

  1. How to obtain seedlings from SODECAO ?

La SODECAO met à la disposition des producteurs :

  • Les plants de cacaoyers sélectionnés ;
Selected cocoa plants from the SODECAO Sector nursery in Sangmelima for the 2017/2018 cocoa season.
  • Les plants de bananiers (PIF) ;
  • Shade tree seedlings

How to obtain the seedlings

  • Register with the SODECAO representative in your localitie (operational unit Head, SODECAO centre Head, SODECAO sector Head or SODECAO section Head).
The Mbalmayo Sector
  • Respect or follow the technical itineraries advised by SODECAO through its representative for the creation or rehabilitation of a cocoa farm.
The choice of the site for the creation of a production plantation in Evindissi
  • After preparing the plot under the technical supervision of SODECAO, purchase cocoa seedlings at a subsidized price of 50 FCFA each, and shade trees at a price, ranging between100 FCFA and 1,500 FCFA.
  • Contact SODECAO for payment details.

How to create a cocoa farm ?

SODECAO provides technical support to farmers in setting up plantations. To this effect , contact the operational unit Heads (SODECAO: Centre Head, Sector Head, Section Head) for technical support.

Supervision of cocoa farmers from a cooperative in Ngomedzap. (ASCOFENG)

How to care for a cocoa plantation ?

02 case studies :

  • A young plantation (before production)
  • A production plantation

In either case, contact the SODECAO supervisors for agricultural advice.

How to produce high-grade cocoa for the market( good quality cocoa for the market)

SODECAO advises farmers to respect good post-harvest practices such as :

  • Fermentation(06 days)
  • Solar dryer
Cacao beans after solar drying
  • Storage

    N.B : See post-harvest structures

  • Cascade fermentation box
  • Simple fermentation box
  • Fementation case row
  • Bus dryers
  • Type of warehouse

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