Production of plant materials

  • Budwood garden

This is a clonal garden, a collection of different cocoa varieties recommended by IRAD for the creation of plantations in the Cameroon production basin.

Graft wood harvesting in the Mengang budwood garden
  • Seed farms

Specific planting to produce the quality seed recommended by research (IRAD). SODECAO has 94.1 ha of these planted in 03 specialized centers:

Mengang :             23,25 ha

Nkoemvone :        55,53 ha

Abang-Mbang :    15,52 ha

  • Our cocoa clones

Selected thanks to research, the traceability of our seeds is known.

Cocoa varieties or clones selected by research.

  • Hand pollination for hybrid authenticity

Manual pollination to obtain authentic hybrids for farmers

Projection on cocoa flowers
  • Cocoa tree grafting

A common practice at SODECAO

  1. Cocoa plants grafting, a technique used by SODECAO technicians to create or extend seed fields.
  2. Grafting, a technique used by SODECAO to create seed fields.
  • Cocoa seedling nurseries

In order to distribute selected seedlings to cocoa farmers, SODECAO has opted to set up nurseries (delocalized nurseries) in the production basins. This brings the seedlings closer to the users.

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