The overall expected result slated in the Strategic Plan for 2030 is a strategic repositioning of SODECAO, thus contributing to a significant increase in the level of national production, resulting in greater local processing of cocoa, improved yields, while ensuring the sustainability of cocoa farming, improved income for cocoa producers, and an increase in government's revenue and SODECAO's own resources.

Over the next decade, SODECAO plans to make a significant contribution to cocoa production and processing. In order to consolidate its many achievements, it intends to implement new projects under its Strategic Plan and increase its own resources. SODECAO needs to explore, develop and diversify new financing options.    

It is against this backdrop that cocoa processing is emerging as an unavoidable option which would generate an added value, create jobs and income for the State and for cocoa producers.

The challenge of improving yields and promoting cocoa processing is to transform the vicious circle of poverty in which farmers are trapped into a virtuous circle of prosperity.

To add value to these actions, SODECAO should invest in the processing of cocoa beans into semi-finished products (cocoa powder, butter, etc.).


This dynamic obviously presupposes a development of the operational capacities of SODECAO, an upgrade of human resources, a fleet of civil engineering equipment, a fleet of heavy rolling stock, buildings, security and management of land assets.

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