Handing over of watering systems and newly created farms

The General Manager of SODECAO, accompanied by the Deputy Director General and their collaborators, toured four (04) regions (Centre, Littoral, East and South) for the handing over of watering devices for nurseries and newly created and regenerated seed farms. These are projects financed within the framework of the State/SODECAO Minimum Objective, 2021, phase 2.

This second phase focused specifically on the creation and regeneration of 30 ha of seed fields and the installation of water supply systems in 20 SODECAO nurseries, a first step towards solving the problem of water scarcity, which causes the loss of nearly 40% of seedlings in the nurseries.

 The localities visited were : Nanga-Eboko, Yoko, Ntui, Bafia, Mfou, Ngounou, Mengang, Akonolinga, Pouma, Lolodorf, Meyomessala, Sangmelima, Zoétele, Ma'an, Abong-Mbang, Mbalmayo, Ngoulemekong, Monatéle, Nkoemvone and Mvagan.

    The expected results of these projects are: in the short term, a drastic reduction in the number of plants lost in nurseries; in the medium term, a substantial increase in the supply of quality planting material; and in the long term, an increase in national cocoa production, producers' incomes and government export earnings.

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