Statistics on SODECAO's technical services

  • Seed farms

SODECAO has three seed fields located at++ Nkoemvone, Mengang and Abong-Mbang made up of plots containing 2 clones whose crossing produces hybrid seed pods. These seed pods are used to create nurseries from which seedlings are distributed to producers. These farms enable the production of approximately 240,000 seed pods per year.

La SODECAO has 105 nurseries spread across the various production basins. Each year, these nurseries produce around 5 million improved seedlings, which are used to create and rehabilitate farms. The use of these improved seedlings makes it possible to obtain good yields. The seedlings also used in the rehabilitation of old cocoa farms, with a positive impact on forest conservation.

Agricultural advisors

To support producers, SODECAO has nearly 150 agricultural advisors spread across the production areas.Their role is not only to build producers' technical capacity, but also to support them before, during and after setting up their farms.

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