The Cocoa Development Corporation « SODECAO »

The Cocoa Development Corporation “SODECAO” is a Public Administrative Establishment created by presidential decree No. 74-83 of February 02, 1974. Its main mission is to develop cocoa cultivation in Cameroon. Specifically, SODECAO produces quality plant materials which it distributes to cocoa farmers for the creation of production fields, supervises producers through agricultural advice, opens up production basins to facilitate access to production areas, ensures the parcelling out of sites, etc.

SODECAO also has technical expertise in every link of the cocoa bean production chain "production, fermentation, drying, storage". A strategic plan has been developed for the period 2020 – 2024 with the main objective of significantly increasing SODECAO's contribution to increasing national cocoa production through the production of 12,500,000 quality-certified cocoa seedlings.

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