Market cocoa

Within the framework of the SDSR/PINIA 2020 - 2030, Cameroon's ambition is to increase market cocoa production to 400,000 tonnes in 2025 and 640,000 tonnes in 2030, with an average yield of 0.7t/ha. SODECAO significantly contributes to improving national cocoa production through its cocoa seedlings production and distribution system, providing technical support to producers, protecting the farms of certain promoters, producing market cocoa in its production plantations and contributing to the structuring and professionalization of farmers' organisations (GIZ and PADIJA projects).

Over the next decade, it plans to make a significant contribution to the production of top-quality cocoa, by setting up post-harvest treatment centres in the production basins and by training small producers in the manufacture of small post-harvest units. The aim is to contribute to the production of good quality market cocoa, with more homogeneous fermentation, better-controlled drying and more closely supervised storage.

Strategic monitoring should be ensured, in order to capture, react and adapt to the demands and changes in the cocoa market, such as the growing demand for niche cocoa, and in particular fine and organic cocoa, and to follow major debates, such as the current polarization on the issue of deforestation.

Initially, SODECAO intends to make the most of existing land reserves through in order to extend existing production plots. The aim is to significantly increase productivity on these plots, which will serve as a production model/pole to encourage small and medium-sized producers located around SODECAO's showcase production plantations. Depending on its land potential, each current site must be maximized through plantations in compliance with technical itineraries and environmental standards.


At the same time, SODECAO will be prospecting and acquiring new areas to increase its land potential for production plantations. This prospection and acquisition will be carried out in partnership with the Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure (MINDCAF) and the Decentralized Territorial Communities (CTDs). The aim is to secure 5,000 to 10,000 ha of land potential, so that by 2030, agro-industrial plantations will be available in regions that are favourable for cocoa production. The plantations thus established will have modern post-harvest processing centres and an effective advisory support system, which will offer multifaceted services to local producers, helping to optimize the production of quality cocoa while facilitating the networking of cocoa farmers around SODECAO.

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