International Women's Day celebration: The female and male staff mobilized to commemorate the day.

A week rich in activities, during which the women of SODECAO demonstrated their talents, know-how and team spirit, ended in style. Two main highlights marked the day: the march-past, which took place at the 20th May Boulevard and festivities at the Head Office.

In her opening her speech, the President of the organizing committee advocated for the promotion of women to higher positions of responsibility, while thanking the GM for his openness to this effect.

In his turn, the Deputy General Manager, representing his immediate boss, congratulated the women for what they are already doing, and for their mobilization toward this day’s celebration.

Furthermore, to commemorate women's rights, a trophy was awarded to the team which won the handball tournament organized within the framework of the IWD celebration. It is on this note that the day came to a close with a festive atmosphere punctuated by dancing and other activities

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