SODECAO celebrates living together through the cultures of 03 geographical areas

The celebration of the International Women’s Day at SODECAO is also a celebration of cultures and living together. The habits and customs of Cameroon's three geographical areas were highlighted during a cultural day organized on the occasion of The International Women's Day. These were the Fang-Beti, Sawa and Grassfields cultures.

The celebration included fashion parade, traditional dance and culinary art competitions. The SODECAO Amazons demonstrated their know-how and mastery of their different cultures, culminating in a ceremony during which the Deputy General Manager awarded prizes to the winners.

One of the highlights of the event was a speech by Mrs. NKWAIN Janet, Vice-President of the organizing committee, who celebrated living together through culture. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of looking beyond our cultural differences in order to live together and work as a team for a more successful and prosperous SODECAO.

The ceremony ended in a festive mood.

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