Handing over of a watering system in Pouma

Within the framework of a vast program to install water supply systems in nurseries, the General Manager of SODECAO presided over the inauguration ceremony of a water device in the Pouma locality, in the Littoral region, before a plethora of guests. The ceremony marked the end of the first phase , which began in August 2023.

This first phase was devoted to the localities of the Centre and Littoral regions.

Present at the ceremony, the Divisional Officer and the Mayor of the Pouma locality lauded SODECAO’s efforts in the promotion of cocoa farming. They expressed their desire to see these actions extended to other localities of the Littoral region.

In response to this request, the GM promised to increase the quantity of quality seedlings for the 2023-2024 cocoa season. In order to improve on the working conditions of the staff and ensure that the objectives set for this season are achieved, he handed over work equipments and materials to the head of the SODECAO Sector. These included a motocycle, farm products and tools.

The second phase of the inauguration of the water supply systems will continue in the South and East regions.

To be continued…

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