The Minister of Agriculture and RURAL DEVELOPMENT (MINADER) finally at SODECOA for the PLANUT-MINADER trucks and machinery handing-over ceremony

Tuesday, 12 December 2023 was an exceptional day at SODECAO. The decor, the mobilization at different levels and outfits of the staff, from top management to support staff, heralded a grandiose event. SODECAO's Conference Hall, which hosted the ceremony, also had a special touch. Everything was a pointer to the fact that the person expected was a distinguished guest, which is why the hierarchy pulled out all the stops. At around 2.30pm, His Excellency Gabriel MBAIROBE, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development , arrived for his very first visit to SODECAO

This visit was within the framework of the ceremony to handover to SODECAO machinery and trucks as part of the Three-year Emergency Plan to Accelerate Economic Growth (PLANUT). To this effect, SODECAO received: five (05) trucks equipped with tankers, skips and mobile workshops; and four (04) civil engineering equipment comprising a bulldozer, an excavator, a backhoe loader and a concrete mixer. This new endowment will strengthen and revitalize SODECAO's logistics system and enable the company to resume one of its main missions: the opening-up and maintenance of cocoa trails. It will undoubtedly be beneficial to cocoa farmers, one of whose major challenges is access to farms, an access often made difficult due to bad roads. In his speech, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development congratulated the General Manager of SODECAO for all the actions he has undertaken for the development of the cocoa sector. He reaffirmed MINADER's constant support for SODECAO as Technical Supervisory Authority. In turn, the General Manager thanked the HEAD OF STATE for this endowment, which is coming to breathe new life into SODECAO. He also thanked the Minister for all his efforts in supporting SODECAO. And as a good father, the GM promised that these trucks and machinery will be used wisely and responsibly to pursue the actions planned in SODECAO's Strategic Plan, and to contribute significantly to achieving the government's objective of reaching 640,000 tonnes of cocoa by 2030. Looking forward to see the expected fruits.

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