Handing over of watering systems and newly created fields in Ngoulemakong, Nkoemvone, Mvangan and Sangmelima

SOUTH: Watering systems, fields created and support granted.

The Delegation led by the General Manager of SODECAO spent two days in the South region, during which they visited Ngoulemakong, Nkoemvone, Mvangan and Sangmelima where SODECAO’s external units are implanted.

On Thursday September 21, 2023, they made their first stop at Ngoulemakong before heading to Nkoemvone for the inauguration of the water systems. A motocycle was handed over at Ngoulemakong and newly created farms handed over at Nkoemvone.

The following day, September 22,2023, watering systems were equally inaugurated in Mvangan and Sangmelima. Agricultural products and equipments handed over to the Unit heads.

All these efforts are geared towards boosting cocoa production in Cameroon.

The General Manager, on this occasion, urged the beneficiaries to put the various endowments to good use.

Clearly satisfied, the beneficiaries described this support as “the resurrection of cocoa farming” in their localities.

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